Keys to Literacy

A Child's Readiness to learn at school is influenced by many factors including:

Optimum health
Economic Security
Strong physical, emotional and social development
Prior opportunities to play and learn
Rich experiences with oral and written language

This is a program developed in partnership with 6 other communities in the Central and North Vancouver Island region. The project focuses on enhancing the language development and early literacy skills of young children in our community. This project builds on existing community strengths and enhances existing programs. Keys to Literacy project promotes early literacy through the Keys Rhyming Key chains - booklets of age appropriate rhymes that are distributing through Books for Babies programs, by Public Health Nurses and by Early Childhood Educator professionals. An addition to this project is the Literacy and Numeracy Back Packs - individual designed and packed themed bags with a variety of fun games and materials included to promote a variety of different way to play and explore while learning.

For more information on this exciting program or the material describe above, please contact us at 250-723-7345 or by email