Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find Kiwanis Hilton Children's Centre in the Port Alberni phone book ? I can't find it listed there.

A: It is listed under "Kiwanis Hilton Centre". It is also listed in error under "Hilton Centre" which will give you the Preschool Speech office, not the main office. Please be sure to use the 723-7345 for any messages related to the administration of the centre. Although we have contacted the phone book company and Telus several times, the incorrect listing is still being published.

Q: I called the Main Office (723-7345) to get my son's speech appointment changed for that day and no one got back to me. Why is that?

A: The staff in the main office only work part time and may not be available to take your call. Also, the main office does not serve as a switchboard so it is best to call the program you need directly (see program directory for program contact info).

Q: I called the main office to make sure the daycare bus picked up Jane today because she needed to come to daycare, but no one got the message. What happened?

A: Since the staff in the main office only work part time, it is really important to direct your calls right to the program you need, especially if it is of an urgent nature. We can not guarantee that calls directed to the main office will be dealt with immediately. Please see the program directory for program contact info.

Have other questions? Please contact us at 250-723-7345, or email